Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is a picture of our first flight to Indiana on October 30th. Noah did SOOO much better than I thought he would. He had a great time looking around and seeing new things. People thought he was adorable everywhere we went. Flight attendants absolutely loved him. He would eat, then smile and play, then fall asleep, back and forth. He barely cried on the trip there or on the trip back. I was completely and totally surprised and impressed. The landings were a little tough for him though. He cried during landings. I just tried to be sure and have a bottle or pacifier for him at that time to help his ears.

All of our families were so excited to meet him for the first time. Aunt Brenda and Aunt Aletha fought over who he liked better. Noah had fun watching them and meeting them. Grandma James had a great time showing him off to all her friends at work (and wherever else). We dressed him in his COLTS football onesie to show our loyalty to Indiana's football team (regardless of the fact that they are stinking up the field this season). Everybody loved his outfit and thought he was so adorable. He just kept soaking up the attention.