Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Love My Boy!

Noah is just getting cuter every day. OK, so I am is mom, I obviously think that, but can anybody disagree??? huh??? No. Anyway, He is so happy and smiley these days. He loves to look around and see everything. He doesn't like to be held toward us, but away from us. He is so curious and gets excited sooo easily. I love watching him learn and grow and discover new things. He's been finding his feet and hands. He'll just watch his feet move with amazement and he'll watch himself clasp his hands together. He makes me laugh every day!

He slept in a chair next to me while I was on the computer. He looked so snuggly and cute. I had to take a picture. My precious Noah. It is times like these that make me want lots of children. (but don't worry, there are other not so cute times that make me want to have NO more children :-)


Amanda Marquez said...

aww beth he is a cutie!

Lynn Ann said...

Merry Christmas! Are you going anywhere or staying here for the holidays?

The ultrasound indicated a "girl" so we hope we can rely on technology!