Friday, April 3, 2009

Losing Someone...Something noone wants to do...

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009. A hard day for everyone in my family and all of our family friends. Jenny Closser, a wonderful woman, went to be with the Lord. It was completely unexpected. I think that's the worst way. She was a compassionate and loving woman. She loved everyone and cared about people. She was faithful to church. Rarely missed a service. She taught Sunday school. She loved for kids to sit with her in church. She loved her 3 daughters, Amy, Amanda, and Meaghan with all of her heart. She lovingly cared for her adopted brother, Travis, as if he was her own son. She was truly a wonderful woman and I will miss her with all of my heart.

We will all miss her. She was loved by everyone that knew her. I am so thankful that we, the family, can know that she is in Heaven with the Lord and we will see her again. I pray God's comfort to her daughters. If I am hurting so badly and I am only her neice, I can't even imagine what her daughters, my wonderful and loved cousins, must be feeling.

Please pray for the family. I don't know what will happen. There is a hard road ahead of them and us as a family, but God does know what will happen. He already has it all planned out.

Again, please, if you read this, say a prayer.

We love you Aunt Jenny

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savegan2008 said...

Sister, you were a friend and a sister by choice. I am one of very few who get to "choose" their sister-in-laws, but also have them as a best friend first. :). I wanted to let you know I love you and I am so sorry about Jenny. I guess I am still in shock. I don't know why God allowed this to happen, but I was talking to a friend recently about a Scripture in Ephesians that described the awesome power of God. My friend told me that we pray to God and ask Him for things that we really think are so simple, yet other times they are so very difficult, and God has the power to (and does so, so often!) do exceedingly answer our prayers above and beyond. So dear friend I am praying that God will give you the comfort that you and your family need. If it seems you'll never laugh again, take heart, for God has given a life inside of you that will one day bubble over w/ laughter. You have a son who will make you smile! Its incredible how God sends little blessings along that we forget in times of grief... (this was just sorta a rambling thing, but i meant all of it!) love you so much!!!!