Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tot toys and talking

Noah is focussing really hard on something in his exersaucer. What is it? Probably the curtains...we've been getting onto him a lot these days about pulling on the curtains...

What a mess!! I can't even keep the place clean! From the moment Noah wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed at night it's toys, toys everywhere!! They are rising quickly to being my arch enemy...grrr...j/k
Here is Noah on the floor...Play play playing to his heart's content...

A...A is for what mommy?

Our little burger chef...yes, I know...a beautiful baby...

Daddy is definitely better at taking pictures with the phone than mommy is, look at the difference!!

It isn't really clear, but I think you can hear him say 'Hi' in this video. We've been teaching him to say hi and wave, he does it sometimes, but rarely, if ever, for the camera...well, one of these days we'll catch a good one!

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