Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Sleep

Noah has always been an awful nap-taker. It's like pulling teeth to get him to take a nap. If I want him to sleep for a long time at all, I have to rock him or bounce him until he's asleep and hold him the ENTIRE nap. If I put him in his swing, he'll fall asleep pretty fast...and be awake again in 20 minutes. If I put him in his crib, he'll scream for about 15 minutes then fall asleep, then wake up 15 minutes later and do it all over again. *sigh*. Well now he's rolling over every time we lay him down. Typically, he absolutely despises being on his tummy for any length of time.
Much to my surprise, the past couple of days, at nap time I've been just laying him in his crib. Can you believe that he has rolled over an gone to sleep?!?!?! Two things he hates, being on his tummy and taking a nap. Apparently two negatives make a positive! :-) Here are some pictures of him sleeping now that he's rolling over. He doesn't sleep in the same positions he used to. lol.

He rolls around and every once in a while, I see a hand or a foot poking out of the crib. I'm afraid he'll get stuck, but I keep a close eye on him so I can help him if he does. Here he fell asleep with his hand sticking out.

Last but not least here is another picture of my adorable little boy playing on the floor. He is so sweet and loves to play. It honestly is a blast to watch him play.


poohwasframed said...

he is a lot of fun to watch :) soo adorable. can't wait to see him crawl

Bianca said...

Oh my...I thought my child was the only one that did that! He started sleeping for his naps when he slept on his tummy! Boys...boys...boys!