Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thoughts I have in my day

I've been thinking about some things today and I thought I'd let everybody know a little bit more about me.
1. I hate getting my eyes dialated at the eye doctor's office with those nasty yellow drops that sting. Seems like everyone who looks into my eyes for the next few hours can see sraight through to my brain.
2. I LOVE spending time with my husband and son. I already knew this before of course, but I was refreshed today by spending the afternoon walking around with them in the mall. Did we buy anything? not really. Why was it great? We got to spend some quality time together and talk. I love that.
3. In my future, I think a dream I've had has been to build our own house. Of course I wouldn't do the building itself, but it would be cool to build a custom home. :-)
4. I might as well not even try to get Noah to sleep when there are people walking around all around him.
5. From now on for the rest of my life, I will do everything in my power to go out of my way to use the bathrooms at Dillards. They are, by far, the best bathrooms in the mall.
6. Jared doesn't always have to feel obligated to comment on my posts just because he knows I like it.
7. I love butterfinger shakes from Steak and Shake.
8. I wish they didn't cost 4 dollars so I could have one every once in a while.

Those are just a few things about myself that you readers might like to know about me.


poohwasframed said...

1. jared comments because he cares
2. jared loves his sister-in-law
3. jared wants beth to know that being family just means that you have responsiblities and not obligations :D

thanks for sharing about yourself btw :) i want a milkshake

Lynn Ann said...

I know what you mean about those dilating eye drops! I had to walk around the mall for an hour so they could wear off (I was driving myself home) and I couldn't focus well enough to see the prices of things! Another time, my pupils dilated "crooked" or, off-center. That REALLY scared me!