Monday, March 30, 2009

God's Control

i'm so amazed at how God seems to be working out the move to Indiana. Although, there is still a small chance that the whole thing could fall through, I have confidence that all things are working together because God is helping us. Adam has been working for several days to find a transfer to a Starbucks close to Anderson. Today, he called a starbucks in Fishers. The store manager said she had a shift supervisor leaving the store in May on maternity leave. Isn't it amazing that it would happen the exact time that we would be moving up there? Wow, even 7 months ago God was preparing a place for Adam to transfer. lol. God has given both Adam and me peace and excitement about the move and the new baby. I am having so much fun looking at baby names again. I think that is so much fun. By the way...if anybody wants to make a suggestion, feel free. NO promises. lol.
Noah has been talking in his bed for probably half an hour now. I put him in for a nap and he just plays and plays. That's fine with me as long as he goes to sleep when he gets done playing. He is so sweet. He gives flirty little looks to everybody. Especially the girls at Adam's work. They all love him. I'm glad. I'll miss everbody so much, but I am filled with anticipation of what God has for us in the future. Please keep us in your prayers.

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