Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Applesauce and....my hair

So, have any of you mothers ever been covered in applesauce? Yeah, well I haven't...at least not until today. There I was being the best mother I knew how to be feeding my son applesauce after half a jar of mixed vegetables (he quit eating it after that much...he's not big on veggies...i hear that's pretty common). I smiled big with enthusiasm and scooped a big 'ol spoon full of applesauce into his mouth when *ACHHHHOOOO!* suddenly it was no longer in his mouth. Did he swallow it? no. Where was it then? Um...in my hair, in HIS hair, on my skirt, on my shirt, on my face, on HIS face, on his clothes, on the desk table beside us....pretty much everywhere but in his mouth. At first I was in a sort of state of shock. We just kinda sat there for a couple of seconds staring at each other. You all who see Noah a lot know that wide eyed serious look he gets on his face sometimes. Well, there we were covered in applesauce together. It was almost a bonding moment! I finally decided that the appropriate action to take was to ..... laugh ..... what else could I do? What a sight. I regret that I didn't get pictures, but it's times like these where a mom kinda panics and can't think until things are cleaned up. Then after it's all clean a mom looks back and says "why didn't i grab the camera?!?!?!"

PS. Jared, i'm not giving you any noodles.

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