Sunday, March 29, 2009

Was our day a boring day you ask? Well, let me just say this...Adam took a picture of our dinner. Does that sound eventful to you? I better not say that because some people think it's fun to take pictures of food. lol. Plus, it was a really delicious dinner: grilled chicken, garden steamers with cheddar sauce, leftover macaroni and cheese, and a pilsbury italian loaf baked to perfection.
We were invited to the Eggmans for dinner today. It was so delicious! I had carrot soufle (sp) for the first time. There were incredible mashed potatoes, roast beef, macaroni, corn, green beans, salad, jello salad, cake, rolls, I'm not sure if that's it or not! It was delicious. Aunt Teresa (sp) surprised her mom and dad by coming to visit. Angie, Tori, and Ashton were already expected to come and visit, but Aunt Teresa was a surprise. (I know, I already said that). Noah really enjoyed playing with Aunt Teresa. Jared and Becka (Fetzer) came for dinner too. We had a really great time!

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