Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheesecake Factory and Babies

Here is Noah and I outside of the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday night. It was Adam's 23rd birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!! We actually were going out with the 'sound crew' from the church. They take all the volunteers and their families out once a year as a thank you. It would have been much more fun for me if it wasn't about time for Noah to go to bed. He was pretty much crying the whole time because he was tired and it was pretty dark in there (the lighting is really dim). It's ok though, because I think Adam had a pretty good time. I enjoyed chatting with some of my friends too. it's always nice to catch up with people you don't really get to see very often. Don't be fooled, he's actually looking fairly happy in this picture. It was an act. lol

Yay! Here is Seattle Poling! We had Sam and Lynn over for Sunday dinner. Yes, we mothers know what life is like just after having a baby. To make life a little easier for them, we wanted to make them supper. We enjoyed seeing the baby and chatting with them. Noah slept for most the time they were here, been when he was awake, he wanted to touch her. Of course he would! I kept having to say "no,no bud, no, no!"
Congrats Lynn and Sam! She's beautiful!

Here is daddy kissing baby! so Sweet!
Here we are right before they were leaving to go home. Yes, Noah has gotten a little bigger since that time in our lives hasn't he? You can see I'm holding his arm there so he doesn't touch the baby. Told ya!
Altogether we had a good week! Jonathan has had a good time here I think. We've had fun together. He's been at the beach and we've watched a couple of movies and had a good time chatting. I'm glad he got to come and I hope he feels refreshed from his vacation. Love ya Jon!

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