Saturday, March 28, 2009

This 'n' That

Here is the sweet boy in his 'shop 'n' play' at walmart. This thing is literally a miracle. Keeps the germs off 'im and keeps 'im entertained in the process. Love it. He loves it too. That's why I love it. LOL.
Chilaxin' on daddy's shoulders in Walmart. Yes, that does make mommy nervous.

Look at me and my bad self...uh, huh, uh, huh, uh, huh :-) Noah in mommy's sunglasses at walmart.
This is a picture of Noah in a high chair at the annual volunteer banquet at church. It is a banquet where the paid pastoral staff and their families serve a sit down meal to all of the people who volunteer to work for the church and ask nothing in return. It was such a delicious meal and so nicely decorated! I think there were over 250 volunteers that attended, but I'm not positive about that number... :-S
We three enjoy going to the mall to walk. Here we went into a shoe store and found a shoe as big as Noah. Cool huh.

Here is Noah in a cute suit outfit that his Uncle Seth and Aunt Beth got him for Christmas. It's taken him a couple months to grow into it, but I thought he was SO CUTE in it!! These are before church on a Sunday morning. Daddy had to run sound, so I had to get Noah and I ready by myself, then daddy came to pick us up and take us to church.

Here he is chewing on Adam's tie while I'm getting ready for church. Leave it to him...he'll always find something to do. Beware!

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Elizabeth Jones said...

AWWWWWWWWW!!!! I loved that outfit, I cried a little tear because it was so precious! lol :)