Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visitors from the Great Beyond

If you're wondering what I mean by the great beyond, I mean Indiana. It's where everybody wishes they could be, but only a few lucky ones actually get to be there. We were fortunate enough to have some visitors from that wonderful state. The occasion? Hobe Sound Bible College's Annual Welcome Week. What is Welcome Week you ask? (unless you already know) It's when high school juniors and seniors from all over the nation come down to see the college in order to aid them in their decision of which college they would like to attend after their graduation.

This is a picture of Tim Cole holding Noah. He is from our home church in Anderson.

This is my cousin Jonathan Leach holding Noah. He was taking a much needed vacation. I hope he has a great time. (although I hope Tim has a great time too.
What a nice looking bunch of boys!
Today they took a walk to the beach to just enjoy the Florida sunshine!

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