Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Doesn't want Bath to be Over!

Noah absolutely LOVES his bath. I think it's his favorite time of day. Usually I wash his hair first, then I wash his body, then I let him play for a little while. He plays with his rubber ducky, his fish teether thing connected to the bath, and a wash cloth. I try to wet the rag with clean water, but as soon as I hand it to him, he dips it into the soapy water before he puts it in his mouth. then I take it away and rinse it and give it back to him. Then he dips it in the soapy water and puts it in his mouth, etc... It's pretty funny. He chases the soap bubbles around with his little finger and tries to catch them. He never can, but it's so cute.

In this picture, He is trying to use his feet to push the towel away. lol. He is so funny. He doesn't cry when I take him out of the bath, but if i'd let him, he'd play all day. I wish everybody could see how cute he is when he plays in the bath. I love to watch him play.

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