Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mistakes I Make...especially During Time Changes

As days go by, I learn. Unfortunately, sometimes I don't learn until it's too late and I've already made a mistake. Let's take Sunday for example. I made a few mistakes Sunday.

#1: at 9:30 (which was technically 8:30 because of the time change) I said, "please let me sleep 10 more minutes, I'm so tired"
Result: We were 5 minutes late for church.

#2: I ate second helpings of alfredo and homemade garlic bread after 9:00 PM.
result: Lost at least 2 hours of sleep in the night because of upset stomach.

Last but not least

#3: I sat in a rocking chair in the living room eating supper and watching "Kung Fu Panda" while my son cried himself to sleep and wondered why on earth he was crying...he was fed, changed, and in bed at his normal time and he never cries when I put him to bed.
Result: In a sudden panic of realization around 2 AM it occurred to me that there had been a time change, and technically I had put him to bed an hour early with no explanation to the poor kid. Do I feel guilty you ask? Immensely. Fortunately, he's forgotten about it and we've moved on.

The moral to the story is do your laundry so you have clean clothes, do your dishes so you have clean dishes, and feed the baby so it doesn't starve. After that, you'll probably just want to eat a piece of pie and call it a day because life comes at ya fast and sometimes you're just not ready for it. *sigh*

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LeAnn said...

I love this post! You are hiliarious! I can understand about putting Noah to bed early and not explaining. Time change is tough on the little ones! It's tough on us too, I'm still missing my hour of sleep. I love your adage about doing dishes and feeding the baby then having a piece of pie!! You are awesome and a good mother!
Love ya,