Thursday, March 19, 2009

Surprise visit from Great Grandpa and Grandma!

It's Wednesday morning around 10-11 AM. Adam and I are making the final preparations to go up to the hospital and see Sam and Lynn and their new little Seattle Renee. (6 lbs 11 oz in case you were wondering) (Happy belated birthday Seattle !!) I went up to see them in their hospital room, but Adam had to stay down in the lobby with Noah since children aren't allowed in that part of the hospital. After a short visit, I returned to Adam and Noah to find out that my grandparents are in the driveway AT MY HOME! Unfortunately, we had a 30-35 minute drive back home, but after the drive, we spent a great afternoon with them. We went to lunch at a diner. (which I had a patty melt and onion rings; not healthy, but delicious). We talking and fellowshipped together and Grandpa took a nice, vacation style nap. We were so glad we got to see them.

Thanks for coming guys! It truly was a blessing! Love you!

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