Thursday, May 14, 2009

Babies and Bandaids

Oh if you only knew the unexpected things that happen. Poor little Noah had a doctors appointment a week ago. We originally went to the doctor to make sure he didn't have an ear infection. He had been pulling his ear and fussing excessively. When the doctor, much to our relief, revealed to us that Noah's ears were perfect and infection free, we asked if we could go ahead with his 9 month well baby visit. In a well baby visit, they check his weight, his height, his hips, they ask questions about his development, and he gets shots. I hate being there when he gets shots. Adam usually stays with him while he gets his shots and I wait outside the door. When I hear my poor baby start screaming, I rush in and hold him and hug him and kiss him. This time however, he didn't cry but for a second, and he wanted his daddy. boohoo. j/k. When we were leaving, Adam noticed that the nurse had missed the place she had pricked him and put the bandaid at the wrong place. Adam took off one of the three bandaids and put it over the prick. Noah, our little trooper, just sat in daddy's arms and we took him out to the car. After buckling him in his carseat, we were on our way to eat lunch with one of his ex-coworkers that he keeps in contact with (Dave). While we were sitting in the parking lot waiting to see Dave's vehicle pull in, Adam happened to glance back at Noah in the carseat. He saw two bandaids hanging off Noah's chin sopping wet. Noah was trying to get them back into his mouth, but Adam grabbed them just in the nick of time. Adam felt all over Noah's leg feeling for the third bandaid, but since Noah's carseat still faces backwards, it was hard to find it. Adam pulled him out of his seat and up into the front with us.
We examined his clothes, his limbs, everything we could think of but the bandaid was nowhere to be found. We looked at each other knowing where it must be. Adam squeezed Noah's cheeks together to try to open his mouth and there it was. After we hastily retrieved the bandaid from Noah's mouth, we laughed. Our son had just peeled three bandaids off his leg and attempted to eat them. Who'd of thought.

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JenofWA said...

what a little bugger :) haha