Monday, May 11, 2009


Oh my how it's been so long AGAIN since I've posted! So much to tell, oh yes. We had an internet dilemma for about a week now. Our internet was mistakenly turned off on Tuesday. It took us a week to get it back up. Got it back just in the nick of time for Mothers Day! yay! I have been so busy. Our house is a mess and it drives me absolutely up the wall crazy. When I got back from Indiana, Adam had begun packing and had done some painting around the house, so it hasn't really been like I like it to be since then. It drives me nuts looking at bare walls since all of our decor was removed in order for him to paint. I want to put it back up, but he repaired all the nail and screw holes, so I'm not allowed. :-(
I don't even have much time now to finish posting, but i'll try to get on again today and keep writing. Here are some pictures from the past week or so. Most of them are Adam and Noah. It warms my heart to see them play together. I can't help but smile at their adorableness! :-)

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