Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bees and Other Great Times

I told my mother in law I'd keep pictures coming. Here they are!
Noah and I went to mommy/baby music class at the library today! We had such a great time! I hope I get to go next week and i'll try to take some pics. there were probably 8-10 babies there. We sang and danced and did baby exercise and massage. The teacher read the babies a bath fun book. They loved it. Noah enjoyed watching all the other babies. I hope it encourages him to crawl like they did. His crawling doesn't really completely count as crawling since he mostly just scoots around on his belly.
We got our new mattress via UPS today. Adam gets off early, so hopefully it'll be set up tonight and we will get to sleep on it! we'll see. I'm so excited though. RIght now, our mattress is so bad that we can feel all the springs poking us. I actually had a spring get my funny bone the other day. OUCH PAIN!! lol. It was then I knew we NEEDED a new mattress. No mattress on earth should be able to hurt your funny bone.

Here is Noah baby getting into mommy's clean laundry. Love this kid. He's wonderful.

We had an incident with bees this week. yesterday to be exact. One evening, I was taking care of Noah and there was a bee in one of the kitchen windows. Ok, no sweat. I got my shoe and smashed it. All is well. I was then doing the dishes and I heard buzzing. Must've been my imagination. Then I was feeding Noah rice cereal and I saw a bee in the window... so I took my shoe and killed it. Now I hoped there's not a problem. After Noah was in bed I heard the buzzing again. Then I saw a bee in the light (dying). I let it die. Then i knew we had a problem. I mentioned it to Adam when he got home from work. Ok, he said. Good to know. The next morning my wonderful husband got Noah out of bed and let me sleep in. A while later he came in and said he killed 5 bees and there were more in the house. We need to do something. He called Gordon Butcher who works for an extermination/pest prevention company. He came to check it out. He didn't know exactly how to handle the problem, so he called his boss. I wanted Noah out of the house. i was afraid he'd get stung cuz there were so many bees. We took off. Went to west Palm Beach for a bit. When we got back, they had done some exterminating. God Bless 'em. We had to kill a couple in the house, but Here is what was left:

Here is proof that I really am trying to get a picture of Noah's teeth! Too bad that thus far, I have failed. I will keep trying though! there's a spot for the picture in his baby book that I CANNOT LEAVE EMPTY!! I will eventually win.

He knows he's winning the battle

Here is Noah. He crawled under the chair I was sitting in and I decided to save the moment by snapping a picture. He is so funny and sweet! I love him! Yes, that is my skirt and leg. So glad you noticed.

I was taking a picture of Noah to put in his baby book for his '9 month' page.

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