Monday, May 25, 2009


Noah is asleep in his bed. I am in the living room. The rain drops are just beginning to fall. I hear the sound of distant thunder. I love the smell of storms and the way the breeze blows when it's getting ready to rain. All is quiet except nature, but nature's sounds are welcome.
I was just sitting here thinking about my devotions last night. I didn't prepare my heart to do devotions like I should have. I was upset about something, so I was just doing devotions so I could get them done and go to bed. God decided to speak to me in spite of my aggrivation and unprepared heart. I thought I would share what He spoke to me about. Just recently, a family known by many people down here, the Biggers, were in an accident. I personally didn't know them, but I heard a lot about them throughout the situation. Apparently, in the accident, the mother/wife and only two children were killed, leaving the father/husband alone. A month later the father died too. Lets just say it was of a broken heart.
That situation hit me so hard. I bawled out of hurt for this poor man when I heard about his family. I couldn't imagine what I would do if something happened to Adam and Noah. If I was left alone, I don't know how I would get out of bed in the morning. I can't imagine being able to carry on at all. Just the thought of it seems hopeless and dark. I figured that I just had to go through each day praying that that sort of thing would never happen to me, but the truth is, it could.
Last night, though, I read a devotional written by a woman who had similar thoughts to mine. How could I possibly live through such a tragic situation?? Then she gave the answer and it went straight to my heart and comforted my fear. This is what she said that God revealed to her: the only reason we can't imagine getting through such difficult times is because we don't yet have the strength that we would need to get through it. God gives us grace and strength just when we need it. He doesn't give us all the grace and strength we need right now to get through the rest of our lives, He gives it to us one day at a time. Today, I only have the strength I need to get through today. Tomorrow, God will give me what I need to get through tomorrow.
This gave me so much peace. I know that if my husband and son died tomorrow, God would give me grace and strength tomorrow to get through it. Please understand that I still pray that God will protect my family, but on the other hand, i can let go of the fear that I can't get through it. Bottom line is I can't get through it, but God can get me through it if or when the time comes. However big or small the situation, God's grace comes in just the right size.


LeAnn said...

Awesome girl! Thanks for sharing from your heart! It encouraged me as well.
Love ya,

Vicki Clifton said...

Thank you!!! Just what I needed!
Thanks for being brave enough to share!