Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Noah's cubbies and tunnels

On this one particular day, Noah hid in several little places. It was pretty cute, so I'll start from the beginning...
This is how Adam found him when he went to get him out of bed in the morning. If it had been me, I would have ran and pulled the blanket off his head and checked to make sure he was breathing. Not Adam, though. He went and got the camera and laughed as he took pictures. He guesses that Noah slept in this day because he still thought it was night time because the blanket was over his head and he couldn't see the sun. Hahaha.

And then Noah went and crawled onto the saucer part of the exersaucer. He played in there for a little while. It was pretty funny. Eventually he whined because he couldn't get out and he needed me to come help him.

And here we have Noah playing in a little tunnel/cave toy he has. We bought this transitional toy for him when he was like 2-3 months old. It starts out as a mat on the floor that has arches with toys dangling from it to lay the baby underneath. Then it can turn into a belly mat that has the toys slanted upwards from the floor to help the baby get some tummy time. Eventually, it can be made into this little cave/tunnel for mobile babies to crawl through and play in. I hope he enjoys it lots in the next few months!

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