Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top Ten Reasons We're Moving!

I've been doing some serious thinking the past couple of days. Every day it seems like there is something new to look forward to with our home base being Indiana. Here are just a few of them...10 to be precise.

1. I can get a Rickers frozen coke for 79 cents any day I want, maybe every day (except Sunday of course)
2. Playing games with my in-laws and eating their delicious food. Did someone say cheese dip?
3. We can take Noah for walks at Shady side park. Ahhh...
4. So many babysitters to choose from.
5. My mom and mother in law and aunts fighting over noah in the services at church so I can actually listen to a sermon. :-)
6. Watching movies and eating pizza with my mom.
7. Being able to have lots of family at the hospital when the new baby is born and no one has to travel more than 15 miles.
8. Being able to help in junior church...something that I really miss doing.
9. The temperature change is welcome as far as we're concerned and we're looking forward to snow in the winter! ~I'm dreaming of a white Christmas~ snow, baby, snow
10. Grandparents get to be ACTIVELY involved in taking care of Noah :-) I'm looking forward to having a bit of help, can you tell?

Well that's just to say a few. We're looking forward to seeing what God has for us up there and we're looking forward to it. I guess that's putting it mildly. We're running towards it enthusiastically with our arms open to hug it as soon as it gets here. I miss my mommy.


Robyn Huff said...

We will miss you all, but happy for you that you will be close to family!

Paul said...

So happy to hear about your move and new little one! May God bless you and Adam and Noah and the baby.

--Esther Troyer