Monday, June 1, 2009

The Play Pen

Noah's first adventure in a play pen! He has been all over the place lately. I can hardly keep up with him sometimes. He wants to touch everything and go everywhere. One day I set up the play pen we got at a garage sale. I was busy and i couldn't keep running all around trying to keep him from tearing up the house. I threw some toys in it and then added Noah to the mix. He loved it! At least at first he did... He would turn around and scratch each wall. It was really kinda cute! The walls kind of each have a different texture. two walls are net and two are just plastic liningish stuff. lol. He liked playing with his toys in there for a while... and then he realized he couldn't get out. Oh well, it will still come in handy! :-) Enjoy the pictures!

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Dixie said...

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