Thursday, June 11, 2009

Arizona Family Reunion

We had a fabulous trip to AZ. The only two problems with it was the time change and the pure and simple fact that it was far too short. We had tons of delays at the airports on our way, I wasn't even sure we'd get there. God helped us and we made it... We flew into Phoenix and drove straight to Tuscon. We spend friday and saturday night in a hotel for the reunion, and then drove to Phoenix and stayed one night there by the airport. It was so much fun to spend time together swimming and watching movies. Noah had a great time with grandpa in particular. He even said a new word... "papaw". It's been fun to try to unspoil him since we've been home.
Some of these pictures are out of order, but I don't want to take the time to organize them. Noah is wanting some attention. Enjoy!

Noah and grandma James after swim time
Noah and Mommy after swim time

Here is Noah enjoying our pretty view from our hotel room.

Daddy went outside to get some pictures of Noah from the outside. Noah loved being at the window.

Nathan and Cecelia waiting for the pictures to be finished.
Dad and Noah, Noah was exhausted from the long day and our travel night the day before, with the three hour time difference, it threw of his schedule a bit. We didn't get into our hotel until 4:30 AM Florida time, but it was only 1:30 AZ time.
My dad doing one of the things he does best...entertaining the kids! :-) It's so fun to watch...
Dad, Stephen, Abigail, and Kaitlyn

My dad and his bro's and sis's choosing pictures at JCPenney
Grandma Thompson
Noah and Abigail. Abigail was getting kinda tired of all the pictures...

My bro Nathan and my potential sister-in-law to be, the beautiful Cecelia.
My Uncle Ed and Aunt Carol

Aunt Judy and Uncle Darren, Eric and his wife, Greg and his wife and daughter Kaitlyn.
My fam
Aunt Peggy and 3 of her 8 kids. Adrianna, Donna, and Belinda. Adrianna's son Aiden, and Belinda's daughter Arianna.
Several of us cousins and our kids, but there were lots of us that couldn't be there. Too bad.
My Aunt Margie and Uncle Mark with their kids and grandkids: Dalton, Dana, Kevin, Maria, Terri, and Joey (Josephine)
Grandma and Grandpa James played with Noah one morning in their master suite bedroom. It was so nice to have their help with him for a couple days! I think he enjoyed it too!
Here is Noah playing in all the clean clothes mom was getting ready to pack for our trip to AZ!

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