Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pictures from my Phone

Here is Noah and daddy on Memorial Day. We were on our way to go take daddy to work. Adam wanted to take their picture in the shade, but I couldn't get Noah to quit playing with the leaves and smile at me... :-)

Here is Noah munching on a piece of celery at a restaurant we went to one day while we were out shopping. It kept him happy for quite a while! He really liked it! ...surprising...

Here is Noah's first time drinking out of a straw. He actually did pretty good if you consider that his clothes were only semi-covered with water... :-)
Adam and I were both tired, so we decided to just let Noah get us where we needed to go. He'll have his license by the time he's 18 months. We're so proud.
Here is Noah's wild hair. I always dry his hair while he's in the bath after I wash it so it isn't too cold for him while he's playing. This day, the way it looked when I took the towel off kind of caught me off guard, so I decided to take a picture while I was giggling.

Here is Noah trying out our new mattress! Looks like he's enjoying it huh!
Adam and I wanted him to try on this little mini baseball glove at Walmart. IT WAS SO CUTE!!! I wanted to buy it for him! Well, maybe when he turns two or so. At this point we can't even get it on his hand without it heading straight for his mouth.

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JenofWA said...

you should know that you have the cutest kid EVER :) Love you guys!